Michael Hagenmayer is a German composer and musician.

He is a singer-songwriter and plays a wide range of instruments. His main instrument is the guitar. It's not easy to describe his musical style. Today he plays a solo concert as a singer-songwriter with acoustic guitar and bluesharp. Tomorrow finds him in a studio playing weird solo-attacks and heavy riffs on the electric guitar for an internet-race of a famous German sportscar manufacturer. Maybe next weekend a gig as a cover band sideman. Or a part of a jazz-fusion-project? Or live on world music festivals with his long time project "Music for Wood and Steel". And then you'll find a dark and experimental soundscape for a French TV-documentation on the problems of Australian aboriginees. You can find his recordings in theatre productions, sometimes live improvising "stand-up"-music with magicians. Or visit noise installations and performances in "modern contemporary" music. And as if all this would not be enough, you can even take your own guitar skills to a higher level as a student of his successful guitar school in Remshalden (Germany).

The easiest way to explore his musical planet is listening to his wide variety of recordings. Or via purchasing his CDs or visiting him eye to eye on one of his numerous live appearences.

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